What is adult day care?

Uplift 100 adult day care program provides a safe place for adults to socialize and build meaningful relationships. Our coordinated program offers our members therapeutic, mind stimulating, fun and engaging activities.


How much does Uplift 100 adult day care cost?



Do you accept Medicare/Medicaid?

Medicare does not cover adult day programs and we do not accept Medicaid at this time.


Does insurance cover the cost of day services?

Some long-term care insurance policies may cover the cost of an adult day care.

If your loved one has VA benefits, we may be able to assist with finding help through VA services that would cover the cost of adult day care.

Our nurse coordinator can help assist a family in verifying benefits with their Long-Term Care insurance providers.


How often does my family member have to attend?

No minimum is required at Uplift 100. We are flexible and here to listen to our families and clients to best accommodate their needs. It is recommended that when a member first begins our program, they attend two to three times a week to fully benefit from our program and adjust to their new routine.


What if my family member does not want to come to the center?

Adults with dementia are usually reluctant the first few times as memory loss tends to cause fear and uncertainty with new situations. We can work closely with families to find creative solutions to persuade a loved one to attend the center. Quiet often the ones that were the most adamant in the beginning are the same ones that turn around and want to come every day once they adjust.


What if my family member does not want to participate in activities?

We respect our member’s choices and rights, and we understand that coordinated activities are not for everyone.  Some members are more interested in helping with activities or doing other “jobs” where they can feel valued and helpful.   We also have books, games, puzzles readily available in addition to having someone to talk to nearby.


Is there someone at the center that can administer medications?

Yes, we have a registered nurse on site each day that monitors and coordinates care.


What are the qualifications of the staff?

Each and every one of our staff member are carefully selected, screened and a criminal background check completed before employment.  Staff is specifically trained in best practices of dementia care, including skills and techniques for behavior acceptance, reassurance, enabling, and using cues & prompts to appropriately assist our members.

All staff is certified in CPR/first aid.


What Covid-19 protocols do you follow?

Along with screening all members and staff, we are disinfecting and wiping all common places throughout the day.


Is there a place to isolate someone if they get sick while at the center?

Along with our sleep area members may stay with the nurse in the office should they become ill or have an emergency to ensure privacy until family or paramedics arrive.


Can you accommodate special diets?

Yes, special diets and allergies can be accommodated.


Can my family member take a nap?

Yes, our center has a sleep room in addition to large recliner chairs to accommodate members wanting to rest or nap.


Does the center provide transportation?

Uplift 100 uses a third-party transportation service that provides door to door transportation for an additional fee.


Do you offer half day or drop-in services?

Uplift 100 is here to help care givers and those they love in any way that we can. Members may attend our center during in time frame we are open with a reservation.   Members are not allowed to drop-in and need to make reservations in advance.  Reservations enable the center to properly plan for meals and staffing to maintain our 1:8 ratio.  Usually, the center can accommodate a same day reservation.


Is there a plan for emergencies?

Yes, The center’s written emergency plan addresses situations such as fire, failure of heating or cooling, power outage, explosion, hurricane, tornado, flood, extreme ice/snow, wildfire and hazardous material.


Does my family member have to have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia?

No, our members do not have to have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Our programs and activities can be modified to accommodate any cognitive level. Members with Parkinson’s, mild cognitive impairment and other older adults do benefit from our programs since they focus on both cognitive and physical wellness.


Can I volunteer at Uplift 100 for community services?

Yes, if you meet the criteria. Students and employees often volunteer at Uplift 100 to earn community service hours for work, honor society or other service-related organizations.  Those needing to do community service for violations or sometimes for other purposes might need to contact a not-for-profit organization.


Are meals included in the daily fee?

Yes, all meals and snacks are included in the day rate.


What are the steps if I am interested in enrolling my loved-one?

  • Call to arrange a tour at the center
  • Complete an application for enrollment
  • Schedule time for brief assessment
  • Complete the enrollment process with our Nurse Coordinator, select start date and reserve days for the remainder of the month.